Invoice management and immediate payments, all-in-one

Manage all your invoices in one place. Pay bills in installments or get paid out immediately for just a slight discount. No hidden fees.

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How it works

Receive or add a bill

Receive a bill in your inbox, or add one by uploading the bill or inputting the details yourself in just a few steps.

Choose your payment method

Pay any vendor via bank transfer or card. Find vendors within our network or seamlessly add them to your own contacts.

Pay on your schedule

Pay the full bill on the spot. Or pay it over installments if you need to free up cash - your vendor gets paid out immediately.

Generate an invoice

Create an invoice with all the key terms in just a few steps. It can be itemized or just capture a single good / service.

Send a payment request

Send your client an invoice with a built-in pay button, making it easier for them to pay you on time. Push reminders as needed.

Get paid on your schedule

Wait to get paid as per your terms. Or get paid out immediately through Pendulum for just a slight discount, no debt.

More on immediate payments

Installments for Buyers

Pay off bills on your own schedule

No more choosing between burning through your cash reserves or paying vendors late. Buy now and pay later in personalized installments. Your vendor gets fully paid up front.

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Payouts for Sellers

Turn unpaid invoices into cash on hand

Focus your energy on growing your business, not chasing payments. Get paid up front for outstanding invoices for just a slight discount. No hidden fees and no debt.

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Save time

Managing your invoicing doesn’t have to be so complex. Access Pendulum wherever you are, and simplify your payments experience.

Free up cash

Don’t let net terms or a single bill throw everything into disarray. Leverage Pendulum’s immediate payments to manage your cash flow.

Manage your relationships

Relationships are your greatest asset. Pendulum’s immediate payments can help you avoid those awkward conversations about payment due dates.

About us


Co-founder & CEO

Omar previously worked at Bridgewater Associates, where he provided thought partnership to institutional investors on their portfolio construction. He studied Political Economy at UC Berkeley, and is passionate about leveling the playing field for small businesses.


Co-founder & CTO

Nick is a postdoctoral transportation engineering and urban planning scholar at UC Berkeley. He comes from a family of small business owners and is now applying his skills in systems design and data science towards financial inclusion for small businesses.

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